Reverse Osmosis Membrane Antiscalants

DEREN Reverse Osmosis Antiscalants

Important properties of Deren Membrane Chemicals

1) Easy to use products, environmental friendly features
2) NSF Certified
3) They minimise all kinds of scaling / fouling problems
4) We select and calculate the most appropriate antiscalant type and dosage amount according to system water characteristics and plant operation data by executing Derscalant Membrane Master Software
5) They allow To operate at enhanced recovery rates so as to maximise production whilst minimising the volume of feed water and concentrate used, thus saving on valuable resources.
6) They allow To offer OEMs and end-users positive financial savings through cost effective products.
7) Recomended by membrane manufacturers as a most effective

Antiscalants & Antifoulants: Deren Chemicals has an extensive range of antiscalants and antifoulants effective against most common inorganic foulants including silica, iron, aluminium and manganese.

Biocides and Cleaners: Deren Chemicals has an extensive range of advanced membrane cleaners and membrane compatible microbiocides.

Deren Chemical's Antiscalant Series

DERSCALANT  30              All purpose antiscalant CaCo3 / Fe – Mn / Common antiscalant
DERSCALANT  31              All purpose antiscalant  CaCo3 / Fe – Mn / Common antiscalant
DERSCALANT  32              SiO2 Antiscalant for high silicate level
DERSCALANT  33              Antiscalant for seewater systems  CaCo3
DERSCALANT  34              Antiscalant for small systems  CaCo3 / Fe – Mn
DERSCALANT  35              Suitable for calcium sulphate water
DERSCALANT  36              Antiscalant for recycling systems.
DERSCALANT  37              Chlorine reducer for make-up water
DERSCALANT pH PLUS     pH increaser for RO  product water  
DERSCALANT 30-S            All purpose antiscalant CaCo3 / Fe – Mn


Reverse Osmosis Membrane Antiscalants


NSF Certified

Antiscalant / Antifoulant
(Turkey's most common used Antiscalant)

It is a water treatment chemical that have broad spectrum and concentrated phosphonate based.

Technical Properties:
Derscalant 30, which is a general purpose antiscalant and antifoulant in Reverse Osmosis Membrane Systems, is used for inhibiting common scales (Calcium carbonate/sulphate, calcium phosphate, barium /strontium sulphate, silica, iron and manganese) and for preventing of clogging on the membranes in the feed water containing metal oxide. It is compatible with each type of membrane carbon steel and other building materials and is approved for use in the drinking water applications. It has proven to be effective at LSI of +2.8 which means that systems can be designed and operated at their optimum recovery rates. Addition of acid may not be necessary in sea water applications. The product possesses NSF/ANSI Standart 60 document. 

Physical Properties:
Appearance: like yellow liquid
Odor: Odorless
pH (%1): (9,5 - 10,5)

Why Derscalant 30

1) Low energy and cost 
Derscalant 30, It provides operation at higher concentrations. Thus, It helps to reduce the water consumption by using less water. Besides reducing the frequency of cleaning of the membranes, It provides saving energy and low cost.

2) Eficiency 
If treatment not occur prior to filtration or occur inaccurate; system equipment will be damaged as a result of negative things such as clogging of the membranes and fouling. Derscalant 30, Due to the broad range effect and strong structure, It helps to be long-lasting of membrane and equipment at high performance. It contributes to more efficient operation of the process, by preventing the problems in the system.

3) Easy usage
Derscalant 30, readily available without the need for any mixing or dilution.

4) Health and Environment
Derscalant 30 does not contain heavy metals in structure that are not harmful to the environment and human health.

Derscalant 30 should be dosed continuously to the feed water of the cartridge filters.
Typical dose rates are 2 – 8 mg/L.
In the sea water applications:
Typical dose rates are  0.5 – 1.0 mg/L.
Thanks to Derscalant Membrane Master software is done product traceability, optimum dosage and product determination. Please request Derscalant Membrane Master software from our technical team.

Derscalant 30 is used without dilution with water. If necessary, It can be diluted with RO, pure water and demineralized water. It must never be diluted with hard water to avoid precipitation and cloudily. Dosing system parts in contact with the product must be resistant to weak acid and alkali. Automatic dosing system should be used preferably. 

Packaging and Storage:
Derscalant 30 should be stored indoor at room temperature. It must be stored in own packaging. Its shape is 25-60 kg polyethylene drums. When stored under proper conditions, shelf life is about 2 years. 

Deren Membrane Cleaning Chemicals

DERALGASİT-180      Biocide of membrane
DERALGASİT 320      Biocidal cleaner/protector
DERALKALİN 340      Alkaliyn chelant cleaner
DERCLEAR 83          Alkalyn cleaner - For organic deposites
DERCLEAR 81          Cleaner for power acid base iron and inorganic deposites
                                Suitable for food industry
DERCLEAR 80          Acid base iron and inorganik deposit cleaner
DERCLEAR 90          Alkalyn based mix cleaner
DERCLEAR 94          Alkalyn chelant cleaner For iron, organic and inorganic deposites
DERCLEAR 82           Powdery alkali cleaner
DERFLOCK PF          Cationic Flocculant
DERALGASİT 340      Shock Algea cleaners on membrane surface
                                 Saver for membranes which are not using for a while 
DERSAVE 660           Cationic Flocculant