Water Preparation Systems

Water preparation systems are necessary to provide the required quality to the raw water which will be used either domestically as drinking/utility water, or at the processes for industrial purposes.

Specialized in water management, Deren Kimya, provides the customers with the project and engineering services regarding to the installation of the process water preparation systems that are required by the facilities. It provides guarantee, maintenance and service for the water softening and reverse osmosis systems designed and installed by its experienced staff.

Water Preparation Systems Designed and Installed by Deren Kimya:

  • Water Softening Systems: They are designed as automatic, tandem, single, volumetric, time adjusted depending on the characteristics of the facility.
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems: Special water preparation systems that operates with the principle of reverse osmosis to obtain water in pure water quality.
  • Physical filters: Pre-treatment systems to remove impurities in the water.
  • Active carbon filters: Water treatment systems, especially in drinking water systems, that are used as decolorant and deodorizer.