Water Hygiene

Su Hijyen Kimyasalları

Due to the numerous advantages of its physical and chemical properties, the water is widely used for domestic and industrial purposes. Most of the water supplied from natural water sources is used as drinking/utility water and industrial process water.

Water hosts many microorganisms. Most micro-organisms are harmful bacteria that have pathogenic effect on humans. They penetrate into the systems that utilize water and keep living in these systems. When they have the favorable conditions, they multiply rapidly by colonizing.

Legionnaires’ Disease:

Lejyonella Bakterisi

Legionella is the most common pathogenic bacterium living in water systems and is the cause of outbreaks of diseases up to now. It is the disease caused by Legionella pneumophila bacteria.

With its own microbiology laboratories and specialized staff, Deren Kimya provides service by implementing analyses on industrial water hygiene and Legionella risk management.



The Steps of Legionella Risk Management and Control Program by Deren Kimya:

The construction and cooling system are evaluated comprehensively by Deren Kimya engineers.

• Water and biological deposits samples are taken from all the required locations.

• Legionella count analysis is implemented in Deren Kimyas's environmental microbiology laboratory in accordance with the ISO 11731 standard.

• A preventive control program based on corrective interventions is determined according to the analysis results.

• Water treatment program is started by using Deren Kimya's cooling water treatment chemicals and Legionecid products that have been specially formulated for Legionella.

• It is ensured that the system operates effectively with the expected efficiency and without any risk of disease.

Who Concerns Water Hygiene Program?

• Hotel manager, technical manager

• Maintenance and installation personnel

• Cooling tower, air handling unit, evaporative condenser and chiller circuit operator

• Swimming and spa pool operators, geothermal facility staff, maintenance and cleaning staff

• Facility and supplementary unit engineer

• Water treatment specialist consultants

Hygiene Program and Legionella Risk Management Practices:

• Cooling tower

• Evaporative condenser

• Hospitals

• Spa pools

• Swimming pool, spa pool

• Geothermal water systems

• Artificial water systems such as decorative fountains

Drinking and Utility Water Chemicals

The biofilm layer formed due to the multiplication of microorganism in drinking and utility water may spread along these systems and may have pathogenic effect. The control of furring, corrosion, and the biofilm layer in the drinking and utility water and in the network through which this water is transferred is essential for the quality of drinking/utility water. The corrosion and furring formed in these systems lead to an increase in the concentration of heavy metals in the water and thus impair the quality of drinking water. Also, the furring, corrosion and other impurities that accumulate in drinking/utility water pipelines cause narrowing in the diameter and pitting on the pipe, thus it increases the energy costs of the company.

Our drinking/utility water chemicals are produced in accordance with the FDA norms.


Instant chlorine dioxide production by mixing DERTIV OX-20 and DERTIV-8 chemicals in "DEREN CHLORINE DIOXIDE GENERATOR". Effective biofilm control for drinking and utility water certified by FDA, it is recommended for bacteria and especially for Legionella spp.

DEREN FILM series:

Disinfecting chemical that inhibits the accumulation of corrosion residues in pipe walls by forming a film layer in drinking/utility water pipelines. Compliant with FDA norms.

Programs to be applied for swimming pool sanitation:

• Swimming Pool Hygiene

• Chemical treatment

• Disinfection

• Routine chemical and bacteriological analyses

Programs to be applied for the spa pool hygiene control:

• Legionella risk control

• Chemical treatment

• Disinfection

• Routine chemical and bacteriological analyses

Pool Tests Implemented at Deren Kimya Laboratories:Mikrobioloji Laboratuvarı

• Total live bacteria count

• Total coliform

• Escherichia coli

• Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Regulations for Legionella Control in Europe and the US:

The United States and all European countries have thoroughly examined the outbreaks in their country, set out the reasons and preventive interventions, and have prepared legal regulations on Legionella control. The European countries, look closer to Turkey, as a member state for the European Union, regarding to Legionella control.

Turkey, as a collaborative partner of European Legionnaires' Disease Surveillance Network (ELDSNet), has issued a circular on the Legionella Disease Control through the Ministry of Health. So, it is seen that the awareness about the importance of the water hygiene in building water systems in our country has become popular at the level of government and public institutions.

Water Hygiene Chemicals Product Group


Industrial water hygiene is applied by using the selected furring-corrosion inhibitor, dispersant and as well as LEGIONECID chemicals depending on the type of cooling system.


Special inhibitor to inhibit the formation of scaling-furring due to high temperature and high lime ratio in geothermal wells. Calcium, magnesium, iron and copper sequestrants

DERFLOKYüzme Havuzu Hijyen

Flocculant that precipitates the particles


Emergency and shock disinfectant


Pool disinfectant containing 56% active chlorine


Pool disinfectant containing 90% active chlorine


pH riser for the waters with non-ideal pH range


pH reducer for the waters with non-ideal pH range


Anti-algae chemicals for pool surfaces


Flocculant that precipitates the particles


Special mixture that colors the water dull and keeps the ions that cause scaling-furring.


Furring and dirt cleaner that deposits on pool surface and equipment


White colored monopersulfate tablet


Disinfectant granules containing 90% active chlorine


White colored granular monopersulfate

DERWIN Prevents algae in pool during winter maintenance.

Mixing of DERTIV OX-20 and DERTIV-8 with “DEREN CHLORINE DIOXIDE GENERATOR”, we will produce chlorine dioxide in system instantly. It is recommended for treatment of drinking-usage chemicals by FDA , in order to controlle biofilm, bacteria and Legionella spp. in water systems.