Waste water treatment chemicals
Waste water facility

   It offers solutions to customers for supplying and procuring of the polyelectrolytes which is required by the treatment plants and supplementary chemical raw materials used at treatment process, such as precipitants and floaters, in terms of quality and expected price.

Waste Water Treatment Chemicals

• PAC-108: Precipitant for the wastewater treatment plants (Poly Aluminum Chloride).

• DERFOAM-WW: Foam formation inhibitor for wastewater treatment plants.

• DERSOL: Oil cleaner for the separator and filters in bilge treatment plants.

• POLYD-A: Anionic polyelectrolyte

• POLYD-C: Cationic polyelectrolyte

• EGEZYM-ST: Deodorizer and degreaser for septic tanks and pits.

Supplementary chemicals used in wastewater treatment plants:

  1. Copper sulphate
  2. Iron chloride
  3. Aluminum chloride
  4. Aluminum sulphate
  5. Lime