Ship Maintenance and Marine Chemicals
Marin Chemicals

   The machinery and systems of the ships have their own characteristics. The ships that have long cruises and stays offshore should not experience any problems with their heating-cooling and bilge systems. Usually the sea water is used in the ship systems that need circulation water. The salinity of sea water is high and its ion content is different from the other waters. It has a characteristic oil film due to due to its biological environment. For this reason, maintenance of sea water systems requires special expertise.

   Deren Kimya develops special chemicals for the major maintenance of the ship systems in its own laboratories. Fuel additives, cooling towers, electric motor cleaners, biological cleaners, boiler water and evaporator chemicals, seaweed inhibitors, tank, carbon, acid, cement cleaners, cooling water and sea water chemicals are world-class products used in the required areas. The prices, technical specifications, procurement and logistics facilities and all necessary information about the machinery maintenance chemicals can be obtained from Deren Kimya.

   Deren Kimya manufactures special products for desalination, Reverse Osmosis and water softening units and implements necessary programs to solve the problems in these systems.

For Whom Deren Kimya Provides Service?

  • Maritime agencies
  • Military and private shipyards
  • Navy bases
  • Foreign flagged vessels transiting our country and anchoring in our ports

The Problems in the Ships to be solved by chemicals:


The algae caused by sea water is removed by using special marine biocides.

Fuel-associated problems:

Problems caused by fuel oil and diesel fuels in the machinery and systems of the ship are solved by using special chemicals.

Waste discharge of the ships:

The waste discharge of the ships should be regulated in order to prevent marine pollution and to comply with the sea water and transportation criteria stipulated by the legislation. Deren Kimya's bilge cleaner and the marine chemicals that clean the wet colorant matters on the sea surface can be used for this purpose.

Metal and painted surface maintenance at ships:

Sea water has a corrosive characteristics and creates deposits. The hull which is in contact with the sea water for a long time needs to be maintained. Deren Kimya produces chemicals for the maintenance of the metal and painted surface of the ships en route or the ones having maintenance at shipyards. Deren Kimya’s product range also includes the rust-removing chemicals and coating-protection chemicals applied on the paint.

Most used ship chemicals

• Carbon cleaners

• Air cooler cleaners

• Electric motor cleaners

• Oil and grease cleaners

• Tank cleaners

• Bilge cleaners

DEGREASER Tank Cleaner
TC PLUS Tank Cleaner
ECLEAN Tank Cleaner
O.S.D Tank Cleaner
O.S.E Tank Cleaner
DERALKALIN 1940 Tank Cleaner
DERCLEAN BREAK Engine Room Cleaner
ECLEAN Engine Room Cleaner
DECLEAN BDEG Engine Room Cleaner
ACC-9 Engine Room Cleaner
CARBON REMOVER Engine Room Cleaner
DERAS 1100S Engine Room Cleaner
DERAS POWDER Engine Room Cleaner
DERAS 1100 Engine Room Cleaner
RUST REMOVER HD Engine Room Cleaner
RUST REMOVER Engine Room Cleaner
EMC-S Engine Room Cleaner
DECLEAN BDEG Engine Room Cleaner
RUST REMOVER HD Engine Room Cleaner
RUST REMOVER Engine Room Cleaner
EMC-S Engine Room Cleaner
DUNIWASH General Purpose Cleaners
FILTER CLEANER General Purpose Cleaners
CEMENT REMOVER General Purpose Cleaners
HAND CLEANER General Purpose Cleaners
DERMAZYME BLQ General Purpose Cleaners
DERMAZYME F TOZ General Purpose Cleaners