Reverse Osmos Membran Kimyasalları

In theory, the nearly pure water is the best quality water for applications requiring industrial use of water. Dissolved solid matters and impurities in the water reduce the quality of the water. Therefore, reverse osmosis systems are the most common systems and the most efficient water treatment systems to produce high quality water for the industrial applications, in terms of operating cost.

The impurities in the water are expected to be resolved during the transfer of water through special filters, called membranes, under high pressure. In a general, 75% of the water transferred through the membranes is obtained as nearly pure water (below 50 ms) as a product, and 25% of it is obtained as concentrated waste.

Due to the filtration process performed by the membrane filters, contamination and blockage occur over the time. In order to ensure the membranes to operate with high efficiency and for long time, antiscalants applications are carried out as preservative chemicals.

Specialized in membrane preservation applications, Deren Kimya ensures the operation of Reverse Osmosis Systems with the highest efficiency through its own Membrane Master Program by antiscalants applications depending on the properties of the membrane and water. The unit cost of water obtained from reverse osmosis equipment can be kept low by using this membrane software.

Deren Kimya's NSF certified antiscalants series has been used safely in Turkey's largest Reverse Osmosis facilities for many years and it is recommended by membrane manufacturers at the first place.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Protection Chemicals:


DERSCALANT series:Derscalant 30 Reverse Osmos Antiskalantı

  • Special chemicals called as antiscalants that preserve Reverse Osmosis Membranes against the blockage and hampering.
  • NSF certified types are available.
  • It is used according to the parameters calculated by Deren Kimya Membrane Master Program.
  • 5 largest Reverse Osmosis facilities in Turkey use Derscalant.

DERCLEAR series:

Special cleaning chemicals that clean the membrane without damaging it.


Preserves the membranes and prolongs their life-cycle by inhibiting possible biological formations in the membranes.

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