It is essential to keep the system parameters within the control limits while applying the water treatment program in heat transfer systems that benefit from the heat transfer feature of the water. For this purpose, automatic chemical dosing systems and automatic or data controlled blowdown systems are used.

   Specialized in water treatment program applications, Deren Kimya, provides the customers with the project and engineering services regarding the required automation systems to keep the heat transfer systems stable within the control limits. It provides guarantee, maintenance and service for the chemical dosing and automatic blowdown systems designed and installed by its experienced staff.

Dosing and Automation Systems Designed and Installed by Deren Kimya:

  • Automatic chemical dosing systems
  • pH-controlled acid-caustic dosing systems
  • ORP controlled chlorine dosing system
  • Chloride dioxide generator
  • Conductivity controlled automatic blowdown systems
  • Time-adjusted automatic blowdown systems