Cooling Water Treatment

Soğutma Suyu Şartlandırma

   The machines and equipment at various locations in the plant get heated due to their functions and therefore their efficiency decreases as they get warmer or even they cannot function because of thermal increase. And certain areas in the plant need to be cooled.

   The aim of the cooling systems that also benefit from the heat transfer characteristics of the water, is to cool the machines and equipment at various locations in the plant, and to ensure that the systems operate under the certain temperature through the continuous cycle of the water that is cooled in a central station.

   For this purpose, it is tried to minimize the effects of the factors that may block or slow down the heat transfer, or the failures which may occur in the heat transfer systems.

   The main purpose of cooling water treatment is to ensure the prevention of the lime salts in the water from causing furring layer at the heat exchangers of the system’s cooling process. Also, the biological formations, that can be widely seen in the water which is exposed to air and sunlight in open air environments, such as algae and fungus can cause deposits and blockage in the system. In addition to the corrosion caused by the reaction of oxygen in the water with the system metals, as the water allows electrons transfer, it causes cell corrosions between the system metals and therefore it causes failures in the system due to wearing away.

   Specialized in water management, Deren Kimya takes the responsibility of the operation of the system in terms of water, through the Water Treatment Program implemented by the service engineers. At first, it ensures the use of optimum conditioned water in the facility with the optimum investment, then it ensures that the system operates with the most proper control parameters by using preservative chemicals to eliminate the risks of furring, corrosion and biological contamination that might be caused in the system by the water.


Soğutma Suyu Şartlandırma Kimyasalları

DERSO series: Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals

Furring and corrosion inhibiting chemicals for open, semi-open and close-circuit cooling systems

DEROPT series:

Furring and corrosion inhibiting special compound chemicals for close-circuit and chiller cooling systems

DERODISP series:

Furring, sludge and deposit remover in water cooling towers


Cleaner for biological deposits in cooling systems

DEROCID series:

Bacteria and algae-inhibiting biocides for open and semi-open cooling tower waters


Special biocide used at Legionella Risk Control Program in industrial cooling systems, air handling units, and evaporative condensers.