Kazan Suyu Şartlandırma

The aim of heat transfer systems that benefits from the energy transfer characteristics of the water, is to transfer the heat, which is loaded to the water with very high costs in central stations, to another location with the highest possible efficiency. For this purpose, it is tried to minimize the effects of the factors that may block or slow down the heat transfer, or the failures which may occur in the heat transfer systems.

Designed for non-stop operation, the heat transfer systems are like the heart of the facility. For this reason, the heat transfer systems have no tolerance for an unexpected halt. In terms of electronics and mechanics, the operation should be planned and carried out without any fault.

The basis of the water treatment concept is to use the water that has the optimum conditions, in the system. Possible Ca and Mg salts contained in the water, cause furring in the form of crystals on the heat transfer surfaces. This furring hampers the heat transfer and causes energy loss. In addition, dissolved gases in the water, mostly the oxygen, cause corrosion by reacting with the metal components of the system. And the corrosion leads to deformation in the system equipment thus it causes failures and dangerous accidents.

Specialized in water management, Deren Kimya takes the responsibility of the operation of the system in terms of water, through the Water treatment Program implemented by the service engineers. At first, it ensures the use of optimum conditioned water in the facility with the optimum investment, then it ensures that the system operates with the most proper control parameters by using preservative chemicals to eliminate the risks of furring and corrosion that might be caused by the water in the system.


DERAMINE series:Deramin Serisi

  • Deren Kimya's new generation water treatment chemicals series.

  • Produced by using film forming Polyamine technology.

  • The preservative film layer formed on the metal surfaces prevents the formation of corrosion by blocking the water contact to the metal.

  • Anti-corrosion chemical types to be used in high pressure steam boilers are also available.

  • Anti-corrosion and anti-furring chemical types to be used in medium and low pressure boilers are also available.

DEROX series:

  • They are used as anti-corrosion chemicals in steam boilers and connected circuits.

  • Oxygen scavengers in various types are available to prevent pitting corrosion caused by oxygen.

  • With its neutralized amines, it prevents carbonic acid corrosion caused by CO2 in the condensate lines.

  • Preserves steam and condensate lines against corrosion.

DERKOMPLEX series:Buhar Kazanı Su Şartlandırma

  • It prevents corrosion and furring in medium and low pressure boilers.

  • FDA compatible fully organic compound furring-corrosion inhibitors suitable for use in food production facilities

DERODISP series:

  • With its strong dispersants, it prevents the formation of sludge and deposits in the steam boilers.

  • It prevents the impurities in the boiler water from precipitating and facilitates to take them out by blowdowns.

DESCALE series:

  • It facilitates the dissolving of furring layer on transfer surfaces of the steam boiler by deforming its structure.