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Deren Kimya Head Office

   Deren Kimya has been a leading company that provides service for the Turkish industry in the water treatment and hygiene chemicals and industrial water treatment technology sectors since 1984. With the production capacity of 15,000 tons/year and competent engineering staff, today, it provides sales and technical service to more than 4000 industrial enterprise, hotels, plazas, hospitals and geothermal facilities.

   Deren Kimya produces special chemicals that prevent the formation of scaling-furring and corrosion in heating, cooling and steam systems due to the process water used in industrial facilities. With its chemistry and microbiology laboratories, it implements physical, chemical and microbiological analyses of the water samples taken from the systems and prepares reports. The mission of Deren Kimya is to extend the lifecycle of industrial plants, to contribute to the national economy by saving water and energy and to make the heating and cooling systems operate efficiently with low costs and also to remove the pathogens from the system water by conducting industrial water hygiene controls.

Deren Chemical Factory

Our core capabilities are:

  • Preventing formation of corrosion and furring in steam boilers,

  • Preventing formation of corrosion and furring in cooling systems and cooling towers,

  • Chemical cleaning products and application of cleaning process,

  • Heat exchanger cleaning

  • Boiler cleaning

  • Cooling tower cleaning

  • Boiler scale cleaning

  • Fuel additives

  • Wastewater treatment chemicals

  • Powder and Liquid Polyelectrolytes

  • Powder and liquid PAC

  • Oil demulsifiers (emulsion breakers)

  • Decolorants

  • Reverse Osmosis chemicals (product recommendation and application according to Deren Membrane Master Program)

  • Antiscalants and membrane preservative chemicals

  • Membrane Cleaning Chemicals

  • Membrane biocides

  • Marine Chemicals

  • Pool Chemicals and Swimming Pool Sanitation

  • Risk Management for legionella and legionnaires' diseases due to travelling at hotel, plaza, accommodation facility, swimming and spa pools, and industrial enterprises, and Legionella sp. detection and counting

  • Total Water System and Legionella Risk Management Analysis

  • Drinking and use water disinfection chemicals

  • Dertiv-Ox Chloride dioxide System Generator and Chemicals

With its technical service engineers and mobile analysis laboratories in six regional offices and the Head Office in Istanbul, Deren Kimya provides service for industrial enterprises in every region of Turkey.

Deren Kimya has adopted a customer oriented production and technical service mentality in which the customer satisfaction is the priority. It is the first domestic company to have ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality certificates in its sector.

With the experience of 33 years in more than 4,000 industrial enterprises, Deren Kimya leads the R&D works and enriches its product range to meet the changing needs of the market.

Deren Chemicals Microbiology Laboratory, Legionella detection and enumeration test method which is the only analysis currently being performed in DEREN CHEMICALS Microbiology Laboratory Legionella has been included TURKAK accreditation scope. Deren Chemicals promises to provide high - quality products and technical service to its customers. It has already been certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Moreover, Deren Chemicals has signed the "responsible care" which is a commitment program about employee health, technical safety and environmental protection. Deren Chemicals has TSEK – Quality Conformity Certificate. Deren Chemicals has various memberships from reputable international bodies including NACE, CTI, HPA, WMS and NFPA. Recently the company has granted Water Management Society, WMS membership from the UK. 

Deren Chemicals is proud of being the first FDA and NSF certification about the water treatment chemicals and the water hygiene.

Deren Kimya AS Certificates;

  • International Corrosion Society ( NACE ) Membership
  • Cooling Technology Institute ( CTI ) Membership
  • National Fire Protection Association ( NFPA )
  • FDA – Food and Drug Administration
  • Turkish Standards Institute Quality Conformity Certificate ( TSEK )
  • NSF INTERNATIONAL – Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals - Health Effects
  • HPA – Legionella Isolation Participating in Proficiency Testing Certificate
  • Water Management Society ( WMS ) Üyeliği
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate of Compliance
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate of Compliance
  • ISO 17025 Laboratory Accreditation Certificate TURKAK
  • Commitment to Responsible Care
  • Legionella Laboratory Accreditation Certificate TURKAK
  • Calibration and Testing Laboratories Association Membership TURKLAB

Deren Kimya is a Turkish exporter company with 30 years of production and market experience. It also provides procurement and logistics services for the companies in the neighboring countries, especially the Middle East and Gulf countries, in addition to the products they produce with the advantage given by its geographical location